Tank #13:

Texas Pride

Tank #13, otherwise known as the Texas Pride, was an M4-A1 Sherman tank with a crew of five. There was the tank commander, tank driver, assistant driver, the loader, and the gunner.

Justino D. Reza was the gunner for his tank. He was the one who shot the cannon on the Sherman tank. The tank itself had only one large gun, a 105mm. Howitzer cannon.

These "rollers" were attached to the front of the tanks and rolled over minefields.

The interesting thing about the Texas Pride was that it was outfitted to carry mine exploders. These mine exploders were huge rollers, disc-shaped apparatuses that when attached to the front of the tank could roll over the mine field and explode them harmlessly. Well, most of the time. There was one instance recorded where the mine got pushed back and exploded underneath a tank, killing one man and injuring the rest.

Tank statistics:

Max speed: 34 km/h on road

Engine type: Continental R975 C1

Combat weight: 30,300 kg

Arsenal: 105mm Howitzer; 2x.30 caliber MG M1919A4

Ammunition carried: 90 (Howitzer); 4,750

Tank Crew:

Gunner: Cpl. Justino Reza, San Benito,TX

Tank Commander: Sgt. Mont Hamm-Brownfield,TX

Loader: T/5 Peck-Tulsa,OK

Driver: T/5 Chancellor-Brownfield,TX

Asst. Driver: P.F.C Pena-Los Indios,TX

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