Text taken from "The Escandon Settlement of Nueva Espana" by Lyman D. Platt, Ph.D.



Jose de Escandon was from Old Castile, being a native of Soto la Marina, Santander, Spain. He was born on May 19, 1700, son of Juan de Escandon y de Rumoroso and Francisca de la Helguera y de la Llata. His early years were spent in Soto la Marina. At age fifteen he came to Nueva Espana in the flotilla captianed by Joseph de Vertiz y Hontanon, who was arriving to serve as Captain General of Yucatan. Jose de Escandon served for five years as a cadet in the Compania de Caballeros Montados de Merida, a cavalry company, under his uncle Captain Antonio de la Helguera Castillo. He performed meritorious services in warding off English attacks on the coast of Campeche. This led to a military promotion and a transfer in 1721 to the militia at Queretaro.

In 1724 or 1727 he returned to Spain to marry Maria Antonia de Ossio y Ocampo, daughter of Captain Agustin de Ossio y Ocampo and Ana de Arroyo, one source indicating they were from the aristocracy of Queretaro.






Text taken from "The Valley's Earliest Pioneers" by Minnie Gilbert


She died in Quertaro in 1736, leaving him two children and a large estate. The year following, he was wed to Dofia Maria Josefa de Llera y Baises, who also brought him a substantial dowry and the influence of her prominent family in Queretaro. They had seven children.

He began a distinguished military career at age 15 as a cadet in the Spanish Royal Army at Merida, Yucatan. During the next 30 years he led numerous campaigns into the Sierras where the Spaniards had been trying to subdue the Indians for 200 years. Headquarters for campaigns by the Royal Army was Queretaro, a military outpost where Escandon built the now famous Escandon Palacio.