Letter from a Fellow Crew Member- "Mac"

The crew of the "Tremblin Gremblin"

June 30, 1945

Dear Mrs. Whisenant,

I'm very sorry I haven't written to you sooner. In the excitement of coming home and getting acquainted with my little son. I've put it off longer than I should have. Perhaps because its such a difficult letter to write that I have delayed doing it.

I know your main interest in this letter is how Jesse died--Well, I supose the rest of the boys have told you the story of how our plane went down and all that happened afterwards so I won't go into details here except to say that I firmly believe that had we had our own plane we would have returned safely from our mission that day last August.

As I was in the nose of the plane I had no knowledge of Jesse being injured until that night after we all had been picked up. After we were all picked up we were put on a truck and taken to St. Polten. It was on this trip that Jesse died from loss of blood. About a half hour before arriving at the hospital at St. Polten Jesse died.

Vic, Sam and I carried Jesse into the hospital. When an attendent, at least I assumed him to be that, told us that Jesse would be ginen the best of care and buried with other Americans there. I'm not sure but I think Roy has move information on the exact location of Jesse's grave.

I don't know what to say to ease your grief. I can well imagine your sorrow upon learning the tragic news. I know I can say that Jesse was a swell guy and the best radio operator any crew could ever have. On this fated mission Jesse got two enemy planes. He fulfilled his duty to his country and to his crew with the upmost courage and skill and I have nothing but the highest praise for him and I assure you that I have said them in all sincerety.

He paid the supreme sacrifice, I know, but don't feel it was in vain. All of us who have been "over there" went because we loved you folks at home and thought nothing too good for you.

I there is anything else you would like to know do write and ask me and I'll be move than glad to answer anything if I am able.

I'll close now with prayers for you and all of Jesse's loved ones. May God bless you all and comfort you.

Yours in Christ, Love "Mac"

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