Personal Information


Jesse Martin Whisenant, born February 2, 1925 in Denton County, Texas, was the son of Henry Richard and Vesta Whisenant of San Benito. The couple had 11 children, 7 boys and 4 girls. After his birth, the family lived in Lyford, Harlingen, La Sara, Rio Hondo before finally settling in San Benito, Texas. His brother is Norman Whisenant of Wimberly, Texas. He attended public school in Rio Hondo, Texas and San Benito, Texas and left school his junior year. He enlisted in the Army Air Corps on June 4, 1943 and was received at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas.

Jesse was 5'2" (his mother was less than 5'tall); he weighed 120 lbs.; his eyes were light brown-the same color as the freckles on his skin. He enjoyed hunting and played the flute in the San Benito High School Band. The Whisenant children from, oldest to youngest, were Alfred O., Henry Clay, Edith, Ernest E., Rosa Lee, James Andrew, Norman, Jesse, Lillie, Ruby, and Carl.

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