His Last Letter Home

"Dear Mother and all,

Well Mom I am still alive and working so by that I must be alright. I recieved two letters from you, one from lil and one from clay today. That is the first mail I have gotten for months, it seems. But I guess I deserve such treatment for not writing more myself. I have not heard from Andy since I left gunnery school, but I don't much care anymore. He should be coming home before long. I guess then he will be quite a big shot.

We are coming along pretty well on our missions. I can't say how many missions I have completed but I can tell you which countries I flew over. Now we have been over Germany and also Hungry. So be sure and keep up with the letters and then when I get fifty I will be comming home on the next one. But I have said that before haven't I, but I think I will make it this time."

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