Streets Named After 1912

Cash Street


Dr. C. M. Cash

Beloved old-time doctor

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Combes Street

Combes was a doctor and was the son-in-law of Stephen Powers.

De Zavala Street

Just off from Cash, a short street is named for a forgotten hero. Lorenzo de Zavala, first vice president of the Republic of Texas.

Scott Brown Street

Scott Brown, one of San Benito's more far-sighted mayors and son-in-law of A.C. Purvis.

Herminia Street

Herminia Street, which intersects with Cash, was named for Mrs. Herminia Cash Cotrell, who lived at that corner for many years. Her father Dr. C. M. Cash was one of the early physicians.

Suzanne Street

Suzanne Street, named for Suzanne Crane, whose husband was one of the developers of Espanola Subdivision.

Shafer Road

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