Raw sugar

Each full box of sugarcane is hydraulically push off the truck and dumped onto a moving conveyor. Empty boxes are automatically placed back on the truck and returned to the field. As the cane enters the factory, it is washed to remove soil accumulated during harvesting. The cane is then milled in a series of large rollers end the sweet juice squeezed from the fiber. The crushed cane( called bagasse) is then conveyed directly to the boilers and used as fuel to generate steam and electricity. The mill facility is uniquely energy efficient because it provides most of its own fuel.

The extracted juice is heated and filtered in a clarification process which removes most of the remaining particles of soil and stalk. By evaporation, the juice is the concentrated into a heavy syrup. The dark brown is cooked in special "vacuum pans" each of which holds 14,000 gallons. Under these ideal cooking conditions of medium heat and atmospheric pressure, sugar crystals grow in he syrup. The resulting mixture of crystals and molasses(massecuite) is later separated by high - speed centrifugal force.

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