1st School

1st Name of Town Now Known as San Benito

1st Bank

1st Teacher

1st City Council Meeting

1st Post Office


1st Mayor

1st Post Master

1st Superintendent

1st City Commisioner

1st City Delivery of mail

1st Superintendent after incorporation

1st Policeman

1st Train Arrives

1st High School Principal after incorperation

1st Chief Of Police

1st Residentual lot sold

1st School Board

1st Fire Truck--1st Fire Chief

1st Newspaper

1st School board President after incorporation

1st Jail

1st Cemetery

1st Incorporation of School District

1st Library

1st Negro family

1st School Board after Incorporation

1st Municipal Elections

1st Casuality of WWI

1st Hispanic Principal

1st Plat of City

1st Casuality of WWII

1st San Benito High School Yearbook

1st Chamber of Commerce Office

1st Casuality of Korean War

1st "ROTC" at SBHS

1st Bond Issue Election

1st Casuality of Vietnam War

1st Female Elected to SBISD Board of Trustees

1st City Curfew

1st Japenese American to be buied at Arlington National Cemetery

1st Hispanic Teacher in SBISD

1st Saloon (or one of the first's)

1st Female San Benito High School Principal

1st Pre-cooling unit in valley

1st Two-Year contract for Superintendent

1st Paved Highway

1st Negro School

1st Deparment of Health

1st Graduating Class of SBHS

1st Home Demonstration Club in Cameron County

1st Asian Teacher in SBISD

1st Time Carrots are packaged in clophane anywhere in the U.S.

1st Subsitute Teacher Pay

1st Baby Born in San Benito

1st Hispanic School Board Member

1st Baby Born in Dolly Vinsent Memorial Hospital

1st Hispanic elected School Board Member

1st SBHS Graduate to be Superintendent of San Benito Schools

1st Hispanic SBHS Graduate

1st Black SBHS Graduate