"The idea of an annual for the San Benito High School was first conceived in the year 1913. After much consideration the name of El Sendero, taken from the saying,

There is no royal road to learning, but only a rough sendero,

was chosen for the annual. The custom of an annual was kept through the years 1914, '15, '16, '17, '20, '21, '23. The annual was then discontinued until the year 1937. The name chosen for this publication was The Dagger, taken from a quarterly publication of the school. This title was used in 1937, '39 and '40. However, this year the staff has adopted the original name of El Sendero for publication."

From El Sendero 1941

Ever since 1941, the yearbook has been called El Sendero

Original San Benito High School. This building at 500 N. Dowling was torn down in 1933 and the present "old" high school was built (which later became the "old" Berta Cabaza Middle School.)