Class of 1936

A yearbook, containing the photos of the student body was not published in 1936. The San Benito High School office of registrar lists these 46 students as graduates of 1936.

James Alsobrook
Elieas Avila
Laura Bloomstron
Anna Beth Bowie
J.C. Bowie
Laura Brandon
Robbie Raye Breedlove
Jody Brown
Margaret Brown
Joe Cabaza
Anselmo Cantu
Evangelina Cantu
Herminio Cantu
Jose Cavazos
Charles Cochrane

Merle Cowart
Maria Crowe
William Percy Cruise
Lowell Echols
Emma Escamilla
Irene Hector
Ray Hill
David Housel
Mahlon Huffman
Kathryn Markworth
George Lawton
Amada Lozano
Anna Vivaian Maley
Cleepbelle Mangum
Lucille Mansur

Kathryn Markworth
Dorothy Miller
Robert Wesley (Bobie) Mims
Robert Mullinix
Beulah Niederjohn
George Ogdee
Helen Ogdee
Dora Palacios
Fred Purvis
James (Jim) Scaief
Travis Scogin
Eleanore Joye Scoville
Blanche Taylor
Noe Thelma
Guadalupe Vega
Edwin Willett
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