Class of 1935

A yearbook, containing the photos of the student body was not published in 1935. The San Benito High School office of registrar lists these 46 students as graduates of 1935.

Mauriel Aldrich
Robert Ballenger
Jane Bohner
Barbara Boyer
Jane Duncan
Nannie Edmondson
Mildred Fitzpatrick
Sarita Greenslade
Mary Hinkly
Joe Davis Ballenger
Wayne Barbee
Peggy Baxendale
Scott Cowart
Chester Dunn
Francis Etchison

Dorothy I. Goodblum
Jack Ross Hays
Joe Horkman, Jr.
Earl Kenney
Bernice Klepland
Cecil Littlefield
Ethel Mallory
Crispen Marchall
Allison Mayfield
Gladys Miler
Everett Nichols
Lois Nichols
Glenn Siderius
Bobbie Kellogg
Mainer Lawson

John Low
Amadeo Mancillas
Leonard March
Billy Meriwether
Bill Morgan
Dorothy Jean Pattee
Eleanor Shafer
Billy Smity
Joe Smith
Jesse Thompson
Lena Rae Waters
Charles Worley
Elena Tamez
Nell Wallace
Eunice Woolam
Dan Wunderman
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