Class of 1932

A yearbook, containing the photos of the student body was not published in 1932. The San Benito High School office of registrar lists these 44 students as graduates of 1932.

Clellia Albritton
Barrier Alvia
Alden Anderson
Marian Barg
Ted Bowie
John Olvier
Eldon Brown
Paul Cocke
Harlton Crews
Laverne Ewing
Billy Gilbert
Jane Lou Glenn
Webb Graham
Frances Grimsell
Pearl Goodman

Carolyn Hodge
Margaret Hagedorn
Charlotte Hinkley
Margaret Lou Hulsey
Ruth Hulsey
Homer Hoover
Mable Humble
Paul Kennedy
Bill Liles
Oleta Lynch
Phyllis Maley
Maxine Mead
Louise Miller
Augusta Olson
Gertrude Price

Catherine Pugsley
Cathryn Reese
Margaret Mae Rhoades
Carroll Roberts
Geronimo Sanchez
Marjorie Schreiber
Bill Sloan
Clarence Thieme
Mary Thomas
Harry Turpin
Roscoe Welch
Bernard Woods
Helen Worley
Lois Yost
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