Class of 1931

A yearbook, containing the photos of the student body was not published in 1931. The San Benito High School office of registrar lists these 52 students as graduates of 1931.

Barbara Lind Barrier
Wilbur Dean Barr
Betty Bowie
Nedra Breedlove
Berta Cabaza
Doris Cherry
Alice M. Cripe
Dorothy Lee Erwin
Charlotte Fitch
Marjorie Bell Fleming
Martha Ann Fleming
Annie Laurie Fontenot
Leta Mae Francis
Alberto Garcia
Viviano Garcia,Jr.
Miguel Garcia
Maria Magdelena Garcia

Lily Gonzales
Adan Gonzalez
Robert N. Gay
James E. Glenn
Helen Haines
Helen Margaret Hanchey
Keith L. Hames
William Harry Johns
Marian V. Johnson
Kate Florence Jones
Scheer N. King
Nellie Mae Kyser
Eva Edith Miles
Alice Maryon Miller
Harry Page Mims
Jack Murray
Tom Allen Montgomery

Lois Mildred McCoy
Ruth McIntosh
Jimmye Pace
Dolores Lillian Pitts
Charles S. Pugsley, Jr.
Dorothy Nelle Ralston
Anita Ramirez
McMurry Smith Richey
Lomah LaVerne Rozell
Alton Scogin
Mildred Shafer
N. Floyd Smith
Harwood Knox Smith
Wilburn B. Smith
Joe Frank Stamey
Loretta Francis Sullivan
Jane Alice Writht
Alice Nancy Zeitz
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