Class of 1930

A yearbook, containing the photos of the student body was not published in 1930. The San Benito High School office of registrar lists these 63 students as graduates of 1930.

Margaret Barber
Barbara Barrier
Fred Booth
Lawrence Bowen
Mary Bowie
Willie Bryant
Otho Brown
Claye Breedlove
Angelita Cabaza
Robert Carter
Lois Cook
Annie Louise Craddock
Mary Alice Deeter
Barbara Dodds
Lucile Ehlers
Hubert Foster
Santiago Garcia
Viviano Garcia
H.R. Garza
Virginia Goolsby
Lucille Hagedorn

Joy Haynes
Estella Hendrickson
Bill Hewlitt
Raymond Hewlitt
Bennie Hinkly
Harry Hollon
Mildred Hommel
Katherine Jones
Ruby Audrey Kennamer
Scheer King
Jack Lomax
Harmon Maley
Mary Frances Marchbanks
Emily McMillian
Gladys Mills
Roy Miller
Lonie Moses
Dolores Morgan
Illione Morrow
Zora Niederjohn
Leland Parsons

Marv Elizabeth Phillips
Dolores Pitts
Charles Pugsley
McMurry Richey
Robert Saler
Jack Sloan
Iris Snow
Helen Tandy
Helene Taylor
Maurine Tipton
Herbert Thieme
Lillian Turner
Eddie Turvey
Henry Wachsmuth
Gillie Wallace
Pauline Walters
Dorothy Glenn Ward
Lorena Wells
Bernice Worley
C.C. Woods
Lloyd Wright
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