Class of 1925

A yearbook, containing the photos of the student body was not published. The San Benito High School office of registrar lists these 23 students as graduates of 1925.

Lela Roots
Harriet Boyes
Mamie Drummond
Emory B. Worley
Margaret Johnston
Evangeline Wilds
Gladys Houghtling
A. June Hunter
Helen Dvorak
Miriam Swann
Marvin Knowles

James J. Wyly, Jr.
Julia Terrell
Iona Stephenson
Helen Isabel Haggard
Iva Kyser
Eunice Jennette Swann
Clive B. Wheelus
Coy Snow
Barnie Roy Goolsby
Ima Kyser
Pousette Bohner
Arthur Clark

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