Class of 1909

The office of the registrar lists no graduates in May of 1910. However, there is a photo available of the 6th & 7th Graders of 1909.

The Sixth & Seventh Grade Students of San Benito in 1909. Mr. T. H. Sherer, the teacher, is standing in left background. Standing pupils are left to right: Sara Escamilla, Lola (Van Ness Robertson, Carrie (Collins) Reese, Helen (Robertson) O'Brian, Clara Hunk, Florrie (Robinson) Manning, Nellie (Robinson) Hoffmann, Evangeline Vermillion, L. (Gretzinger) Street, Sadie Lanne, Homer Davis and Leir Robinson. Kneeling, left to right: Clifford Davis, Marian McChesney Miller, Beulah (Driver) Bowmann, Ruth (Pursley) Emery, Nellie Stilwell, Ethel Kyser, Tommie Stilwell, Grace Higgins, Ruth Talbot and Benny Kyser. Seated left to right: Duncan Stilwell, Donald Freeman, unidentified, McGovern boy, Paulette Bohner, Edward Robinson, next four unidentified, Harold Frazier and Rudy Hunk.

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