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Mrs. Patricia R. Garcia's 3rd period GT Earth Science class had the tedious task of doing research on the history of the resacas. They tried their best at Internet searches and poured through many books and periodicals. Many thanks and appreciation for their hard work!!!!

Students who participated in resaca research: Cristina Garza, Minerva Hernandez, Ernest Abad, Marco Sanchez, Krystle Alvarado, Melissa Trevino, Sarah Villarreal, David DeLeon, Natasha Wynn, Bianca Villarreal.

For Frank Banda's science class the following students worked on the TIF project: Linda Cavazos, Melissa Danz, Rudy Pena and Amanda Rodriguez. They researched the topic, typed the report, designed the layout and scanned the pictures for the presentation.

Diego, Jorge. Los Indios Head Gates.

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