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Resacas constitute a major aquatic habitat in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Riparian communities along the margins of underdeveloped resacas provide a significant portion of native vegetation in the area. Despite their importance and extent, the fauna and flora of resacas are poorly known. There is little monitoring of water quality, particularly in those portions that are outside the limits of municipalities. Today, there are more endangered wildlife species along the border than anywhere else in the United States. Sixty-seven vertebrate species are considered endangered or threatened while several species have been lost forever. These losses result from the destruction of habitat, the poisoning of the environment, increased salinity, and the decline in the normal streamflows.

This information was collected from a variety of sources, including eye witness reports, student experiments, water samples of the local resaca and a few web sites on the World Wide Web. Please see the Credits at the end.

by Berta Cabaza Middle School

San Benito Texas

7th Grade Science Classes

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