Magnificent Padre Island

Entire text by Illene H. Smith, written in 1975 and "Padre Island", written in 1950 by Writers' Round Table

For an 8th grade homepage project by

Humberto Vargas , JohnnyGutierrez

& Brenda G. Martinez


The Indians

The Spanish

The Balli Family

Early Settlers

Col. Sam Robertson


Modern Living

Hidden Treasure

Shipwrecked Spaniards

Resort City


Geography & Weather


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"Ignacio Rosales, known as "Don Chencho." worked on the original construction of the Point Isabel lighthouse in 1852. He lived to a rather ripe age of 115 and fathered his last child at 79. His burro and water cart were common sights in Port Isabel until his death in 1950." From Rio Grande Heritage, by Brian Robertson