Recorded Texas Historic Landmark 1968

Located on U. S. 281 between Santa Maria and Bluetown, across highway from Our Lady of Visitation Church.

Rancho de Santa Maria

Part of Spain's 1777 La Feria Grant (12.5 leagues), partitioned into six units 1843. Here in 1850's was a sub-post of Fort Brown (28 miles southeast) and Fort Ringgold (65 miles northwest). This was proposed site in 1860's for "Homeville", this locality's first small-acreage promotion.

Present compound, built in 1870 by L. J. Hynes, has buildings for dairy, kitchen, ammunition. Hynes, first Postmaster (1876), had stage depot, general store, telegraph office, shipping wharf on river. Chapel was built in 1880. In 1892, Frank Rabb bought the ranch. In 1916 border troubles, the U. S. Army established headquarters here.