Rededication of Falligant Park

Deacon Benito Flores assists Father Pat in the blessing of the park.

The Blessing Of The Newly Remodeled Falligant Park


"The entire community got involved in the renovation of this park. Valley Interfaith was very instrumental in the completion of this effort. Mr. Rick Torres headed the committee, and with the city's help, both with labor and financially, it was a success." ---Father Pat


Manuela Perez, church secretary talking to Mayor Rick Morado and City Manager Gabe Gonzales.

And Friends

Wayne LaBorde, Sister Mary Lou Mertens, and Alice LaBorde

Program and Reception

Serving refreshments at the reception are Ino Cantu, Polly Pedraza and Gloria Perez.


People In Charge

Deacon Benito Flores, Mr. Rick Torres, and Father Pat Seitz