His Background

Mr. Falligant once stated that

"at the present time it would appear that the greatest demand is for mental efficiency, but mental efficiency without good is a health liability, rather than an asset, and a good mind will break down without a healthy body to back it up. The greatest asset in life is good health, and I think the ideal condition to be sought after by every boy and girl is a splendid physique with a fair amount of intelligence and education to go with it."

Newspaper courtesy of San Benito Historical Society

According to his death certificate, George B. Falligant was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1887. By 1912, he was in San Benito, Texas, elected to the City Commission and serving as the Recorder of the newly formed Corporation Court. He advertised himself in the San Benito Light that year as dealing in fire insurance, land development, engineering and surveying and functioning as a notary public. The 1914-1915 Texas State Gazetteer cites his occupation as a broker and he also owned the Pasttime movie theater, the first theater in San Benito. He shared a "bachelor establishment on North Dick Dowling" with two other single men, but never married. After serving in France during WWI, Falligant moved to Wisconsin where he died in 1932 in West de Pere of Epithelioma (skin cancer) of the entire face. The death certificate reveals that he had been a wholesale oil distributor the last five years before his death just short of reaching his 45th birthday.