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The following is a copy of the daily journal of the registry of sales and trades of livestock and hides as kept by Deputy Inspector Juan Antonio Ramirez. The journal covers the period from December 12, 1886 - December 28, 1890 for the area which is now nothern Cameron County, but at the time Cameron County extended all the way to Baffin Bay which is now Kleberg County.

Mr. Ramirez lived at "Alazan" Ranch just north of the Arroyo Colorodo and about four miles west of "El Paso Real" crossing where most of the buisness was conducted.

Most of the names of ranchers and their brands indicated that the livestock business originated within a radius of 15 to 20 miles, since records show there were deputy inspectors at other sites in Cameron County doing the same type of buisness.

Some of the brands will show very little difference between another brand, but close scrutiny will reveal the difference.

The journal is written in Spanish and some knowledge of Spanish ranch terms is needed, especially when the recorder identifies some animal by type and color.

The journal sheds light on the early ranching operations, its people, and the establishment of a cultural society.

by Alfonso Garcia, historian
San Benito, Texas